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Why Consider Us

LoKash allows all Kenyans to access quick loans through their mobile phones to expand and grow their businesses in turn building their credit score and increasing loan limits as they repay their loans on time.

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Our Affiliates

Longitude Finance (LOFIN)

LOFIN issues short term business loans to small business, groups, invests in viable SMEs through equity participation, offers financial advisory and capacity building.

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Longitude Sacco

Longitude SACCO was registered in 2017 under the Co-operative Society Act. It is affiliated to Longitude Finance (LoFin) your valuable finance partner. At Longitude SACCO we make it possible for you to now accumulate savings and borrow at a lower interest rate. We work together to meet your business’s medium and long term capital needs.

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Longitude Insurance Agency

A contemporary licensed insurance agency firm which is representing most of the leading underwriters in Kenya; and uniquely affiliated to a Financial Institution making us the most preferred agency to deliver value ad support in how to mitigate various risks.

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